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The wedding day arrives and time moves quickly. Reunions with family this day may be of brief yet special moments. Rather than watching the clock all day on your wedding, feeling anxious, yet elated and full of anticipation, the focus for your wedding will be to create more moments that can be lingered over. The sense that the passing of time has slowed down and every piece of time is filled with joy and happiness. The weekend will be filled with unique events that are centered around you as a couple so to embrace and gather with loved ones as you share, laugh, cry, sing, dance, and celebrate. Time will be planned in a way that it is available to be filled with opportunities to relish each and every moment. Your wedding experience will conclude with the sense you want time to stop forever and wish that everyone could relive your time together.


I am Erika Kobziak, an enthusiast of Italian culture, spending time making memories with family and friends, and living life through a lens of personalized design so to make life’s experiences special. It is because of my deep connections with my Sicilian heritage and traditions that I have immersed myself into Italian customs and rituals. My Italian roots are entrenched in my soul since I have visited my grandparent’s homeland, Sicily, and have traveled throughout Italy almost every year. Creating time with family and friends and to continuously be joyful, is how I was raised and how I plan on living my life. I want to share what is in my heart with others so others can connect with their deep-felt experiences. My mission is to curate personalized design and meaningful experiences for couples seeking to create a memorable wedding weekend with those they love the most.

I am Krizia Traverso (pronounced crete-sea-uh) and I am the coordinator behind Erika’s artistic vision. I am the get-it-done kind of girl who lives to follow through with a concept and bring it to life. If you could not tell by the name, I am a fellow Sicilian and have had the honor of learning and instilling so many meaningful Italian and Latin customs passed down by my family. Over the years while visiting my mother’s birthplace of Sicily and my father’s town in Venice (and finally becoming comfortable speaking my parents’ native language in front of others), I have experienced first-hand the strong sense of identity tied to one’s heritage and customs. I am so thankful to have been raised with such strong ties to my culture and I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to ensure those unique traditions and values you and your loved-ones so deeply cherish are honored and embodied during such a special time in your lives. 

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