This is our comprehensive planning package and full design and styling service. As a wedding experience designer we are here to provide assistance and guidance in creating an atmosphere that is not only aesthetically beautiful but is unforgettable for your family and friends. The celebration of your love will extend even further than just your wedding day as we curate a personalized series of events to cherish your time together and start your legacy as a couple. With a wedding experience lasting several days, it will allow you to be mindful of your time with loved ones, honor family traditions, and embrace those special moments as if time will never pass. An inviting atmosphere cohesive in motif will be created with all the moving parts singing the same song as the couple it’s written for. Guests will get to experience in your love and connection, the breathtaking details that transport them to another place, the delicious food and good company – engaging them in an artfulness and intimacy that stems from your love story.